I hustled to make it to my second set-up that morning. I was trying to get in a quick hunt before attending my church service. I thought, for sure, my initial location would be my best opportunity. The toms are there most every morning, and I had arrived about an hour before daylight. But to my surprise, I never heard the first gobble. After realizing time was running out, I made my way back to my truck and traveled another 20 minutes to give it one last shot. As I got closer to my destination, the fog got thicker and thicker. And even though the sun was burning it off quickly, it was lingering in the bottoms. I parked, got out of my truck, and immediately heard a gobbler a few hundred yards away, on the edge of a field. I decided to forgo stealth and head straight for him, hoping the fog would keep me hidden. So far, so good. As I arrived to the top of the far hill, I realized the bird was farther away than I originally thought. I started calling aggressively and he began answering aggressively as well. After a few minutes of this back and forth, I came to the conclusion he was not going to make the effort to come my way. However, about that time, the fog lifted just enough for me to see him with my binoculars, in the distance. He was coming my way! I watched him until he dropped under the hill below me. I got ready. After a few minutes, I heard a gobble to my left. I thought he had been detoured by another hen. My chance had slipped away. I slowly stood up behind some briars and carefully scanned the hill in front of me. There he was. His white head gave him away. The gobble I heard to the left was another tom. I eased back down and waited without calling He was gobbling but I was not going to give away my location. So, I let him look and look as he got closer and closer. Finally, he came within a comfortable range, and I bagged my bird. By the time I tagged him and got back to my truck, I was going to have to forgo a shower and shave to make it to my 10:00 a.m. service. And my camo hat would also have to be my Sunday morning accessory. I made it in time and was thankful I looked no different than many others who were there.

           Jesus said, “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath.” I think Jesus would say the same thing about Sunday, the day most Christians set aside today. That is, I’m sure he would be happy for any of us to enjoy whatever we want to do on Sunday, as long as we don’t neglect the opportunities to come together for our encouragement. It’s okay. I promise. 

Gary Miller