Turkey Hunt Circle Event
April 21-23, 2023

Sponsored by Ken and Lori Watson

Another Circle Event in the books. Another turkey hunt at the Davis Ranch. John is always a great host, and he upped his game this weekend by bringing in 70 pounds of crawfish for a Friday evening, low country boil. That was a great way to welcome everyone. We had a great group of 12 guys. All but 3 had attended an event before. Our new ones were Kirk, Casey, and Jay. I enjoyed getting to meet these guys and I got to hunt with Casey and Jay. Both have great stories and interests. Kirk and Larry were Ray’s responsibility as they went to another ranch. But while the turkey hunting wasn’t good, these guys slayed the fish, catching 250 fish! Ray is on the OT team and was going to make sure these guys had a good time. The turkey hunting wasn’t good at the Davis Ranch either. We saw several but just couldn’t get any to cooperate – especially after the weather turned cooler. I think the food and fellowship made up for it though. Another fun food fact was Joe Basham

 was back with his famous Dutch Oven cobblers and puddings. Joe, like Ray, Geoff and John is on the OT team, and I think everyone has started to expect his desserts. Speaking of Geoff, he got to hunt with Jay as well. (Jay will never be the same. Lol) Gay

lon had brought Jay. They are brothers. Gaylon has attended a few but this was Jay’s first. It was a good first time though. He WON the Bass Pro Gift Card!

It was good to see Don, John’s brother, back as well. He has become one of my favorite guys. He had dibs on Darrell as his guide, but Darrell turned up sick after Friday night’s feast and was down all-day Saturday, but good as new on Sunday. Darrell is a good guide and an overall great helper. And then there’s Jason. I’ve known Jason for years.

 He’s a good hunter and guide, but he is also the younger version of Joe. Joe is always helping, serving, working, cooking, and cleaning up. He is a tremendous help at every event he attends. And it looks like he’s been training Jason. In fact, Jason’s new nickname is Little Joe.

I am so thankful for some really good conversations over the weekend and for the opportunity to share some spiritual truths with these guys. They bless me. And as I think about this event, it was one of my favorites – even if no toms hit the ground. Next up… Trout in August. I hope you’ll get to a Circle Event. Circles are better than rows.



Turkey Attendees

Ray McKinney, Larry Wilkinson, Joe Basham, John Davis, Darrell Harbison, Geoff Lawrence, Don Davis, Kirk Templin, Jason Mears, Casey McGinnis, Gaylon Johnson, Jay Johnson & Gary Miller,


Duck Hunt Circle Event
January 20-22, 2023

Sponsored by

Well, another Circle Event in the books! This was our first event around a duck hunt and we’re sure it’s not going to be our last. The ducks, however, didn’t cooperate very much. A few hit the ground but not as many as we had hoped. But that’s how hunting goes. Otherwise it was great to meet some new Circle Event attendees and have some fun around the pool table, ping pong table, shuffle board, and of course, corn hole. I think one our Arkansas guys (Dale) seemed to have a little expertise in everything – including winning our Bass Pro Gift Card, sponsored by Steve Castle’s Cowboy Resources.

Bud, Jeremiah, and Mark also made the trip from Arkansas. I had met Mark at our trout event and he not only made the trip to Texas, but brought three more guys with him. (I wish we could have put them on more ducks)

Also, Matt Martin was our host. This was not only his first time hosting, but his first experience with our Circle Events. We had a mutual friend (Chase) who introduced us, and Matt thought these events would be a great way to be involved. Chase was sort of his assistant at the event. These two were awesome and I enjoyed hanging around them as they served. The last night there, we ate Ribeye steaks. Can’t get much better than that. Chase also brought his friend Aaron. Aaron is my kind of guy. Likes to laugh, cut up, and talk trash when he’s playing cornhole. I mean, what’s not to like?? Jason Mears is a local Texan and longtime friend. He’s a fixture at several of these events, and I always love seeing him. And then there was Ray. He’s not only an Outdoor Truths board member, but an avid hunter and fishermen. He brought his longtime friend, Larry. Larry came with a reputation of being a duck slayer. Again, I wish more ducks would have visited, but Matt spent lots of hours and miles in the days before, locating our best options. They were good …. before we arrived. LOL. But we’ll get them next time. And it was good to see Gaylon again. I first met him in Arkansas at our trout event. He makes custom fishing rods in his spare time. We actually gave one away a couple of years ago.

I was also glad to share some faith lessons with everyone there. I love encouraging men and hopefully sending them back home being glad they came. And nothing can happen without my sponsors. This Circle Event was sponsored by John Hunter Home Builders in Flower Mound Texas. John loves Outdoor Truths and loves doing his part to make what we do available to others.

Let me know if you would like to host an event or come to an event. We still have openings at our golf event in March and soon we’ll be posting out trout event that takes place in August.




Hog Hunt Circle Event
March 10-12, 2023

Sponsored by Our annual Hog Circle Event was awesome. It was in Cundiff, Texas on March 10-12 at the Davis Ranch. We arrived on Friday afternoon and enjoyed some fellowship and food while we got ready for a Hog hunt on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon we will had a hog hunt in the early morning and one in the afternoon. Of course during the day we played cornhole. I’ll gave two lessons that weekend to help grow our faith. 

Doing It Big In Texas

I’m still in Texas, sitting in a hotel after two great weekends. One with Kyle Rodgers and some of his men from Stonegate Church in Midland at Ivie Lake and the other at the Outdoor Truths Circle Event Hog Hunt at the Davis Ranch in Jacksboro. The men at Lake Ivie were treated to some great food by my friend and my resident head chef, Joe Basham. He is becoming known for his great cooking. Most of the time when we weren’t eating or having our Bible lessons, we were catching up on the NCAA tournament. And of course, cornhole is a staple for pretty much all men’s events. I didn’t think there was ever anyone who could be as competitive as me, but Steve Hammel may have me beat. I love it, and I do know he has the best story I have ever heard. It was also good to See Leon, Steve Castle, and Kim again and to meet Steve James and Andy Bell. I was blessed by them all.

I think we may have had our most diverse group of men at the Davis Ranch. Mark and Jeremiah drove from Arkansas. Blake, Brandon, and Jimmy Orth flew in from Michigan. Jimmy Ray and Kenny drove from West Texas. Aaron made about a two-hour drive from Abilene. He is one of our newest attenders but has quickly become a perfect fit. And of course, Darrell and John were local. John is our host and Darrell is his right-hand man and the guy who took the most kidding on that weekend. Actually, Darrell is one of those lovable guys. (I think I just vomited in my mouth a little. LOL) Add me from Tennessee, and we were definitely a scattered bunch. Blake won the Bass Pro Gift Card. A special thank you goes to Antler Insurance for sponsoring the gift and the event.

As for the pigs, they refused to show their snouts to anyone for the whole weekend. The ranch is normally overrun with these swine, but it just didn’t happen this weekend. We ate good, hung out a lot, watched ball games, played cornhole, and ate great. One night is ALWAYS fajita night with guacomole dip and John didn’t disappoint. I think it was his best.

Next up? The Outdoor Truths Golf Circle Event this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates. AND I’ll be opening reservations for our Trout Circle Event in August and our new Circle Event Dove Hunt in September, in Stephenville Texas, THIS WEEK.               

If you want to know more about these Circle Events and how you can be a part, CLICK HERE . And if you or your company would like to host or sponsor an event or new attender email or call me. I would love to get you involved.

See you at the next Circle Event



John Davis, Darrell Harbison, Mark Shaw, Jeremiah Judd, Jimmy Orth, Blake Love, Brandon Malson, Chad Lee, Joe Basham, Gary Miller, Jimmy Ray, Jim Urban, John Copeland



Men’s Fishing event August 11-13, 2022

Gene’s Trout Fishing in Salesville, Arkansas – Another Circle Event!

Our second annual Circle Event at Gene’s Trout Resort in Arkansas didn’t disappoint. The fishing, food, and fellowship were top shelf. And add in some serious cornhole competition and some time looking at spiritual truths, you have the perfect, long weekend.
Guys began to arrive Thursday afternoon. They made sure to arrive AFTER Don and I had unloaded all the food and drinks. LOL. Don was our host and did an outstanding job of picking the menu for our stay. We LOVE to eat. Since we were not fishing until Friday morning, we decided to get the ball rolling for our nightly cornhole tournament. Each night, we picked random teams and competed until time for bed.
The fishing couldn’t have been much better. We estimate that we caught over 120 trout in two days. One night, John put a few on the grill for an appetizer. We gobbled them up fast. Friday afternoon, I gave our first Bible lesson. It was all about the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life. He said some really startling things that still hold true for us today. After our lesson, we drew for our prizes. Jimmy won the fishing rod. (That was good since he just had one stolen the night before.) And Darrell won the $300.00 Bass Pro Gift Card that was sponsored by Antler Ins.
On Saturday, we fished, had our lesson, fished more, and then returned to the cornhole boards. Jon, Geoff, and Kenny were all on the winning teams. Will was the sleeper. He had never played until our tournaments. It was evident that this game was not going to be hard for him.
Last of all, we were joined by Mark Shaw. He is with the local chapter of Christian Bow Hunters of America. He came to bring clothes for our Kentucky camo drive but stayed for much of our event. We think he’s an official Circle Event attender now. And I know we’ll see each other more.
All in all, a great event. If you didn’t go, you missed it!! But here’s the good news. There’s more coming up. I’ll let you in on a little secret. (Don’t tell anyone, but it’s looking like the next one will be around a duck hunt, back in Texas, in January) You’ll need to jump in quick for that one.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. And a special thanks to JRays Rentals for sponsoring this event. These sponsorships help us keep the prices down for everyone. If you would like to sponsor an event, gift, or attender, let me know.
See you at the next event,

Men’s Outing April 8-10, 2022

North Texas Turkey Hunt at the Davis Ranch – Another Circle Event!


Don Davis

Raffle Winner

​Every Outdoor Truths Circle Event at the Davis Ranch seems to be the best one. And each does have its own unique parts that make us proclaim it the best. This year was no exception. I think what made this one great is that hunters bagged three birds and a bunch of hogs. And we caught over a hundred fish! The wind was terrible, but we worked through it to have some well-deserved success. Todd and Don were early to kill their bird, while Mark hunted hard until the last morning to finally get his. He and Darrel stayed together most of the weekend calling and chasing tom after tom, double-teaming, until they got their big and old gobbler. (Check out the pics) Ray and I chased turkeys for several days with no luck. But I think we got so obsessed with catching big bass, that we never minded the lack of turkey activity. Bryant was able to spend some quality time with his dad (Don) out in the field, and with the rest of the guys playing cornhole and just hanging out. I think he was a little jealous that dad won the shotgun instead of him. LOL. Also, we didn’t know it, but Mark (Lambert) is a world champion barbeque cooker. So, while we didn’t make him smoke some ribs, he did provide some unbelievable desserts and lessons on some cooking hacks. John, as always, is a great host. He is always making sure everyone has plenty to eat and whatever else we need to make the event good. He even got to hunt a little himself. We all had great conversation on the back porch along with our lessons, and I was glad to be able to share a little of what God had put on my heart.  One lesson was on James, the brother of Jesus. He never believed in Jesus until the resurrection. The other lesson was on Mary. God caused disfunction in her life to bring about the Savior. Again, great conversation over these lessons. It really is true that circles are better than rows. Some great guys showed up and we had another memorable event. I hope you’ll try to get in on the next one. I’m thankful for John Hunter Home Builders for sponsoring this year’s Turkey Hunt Circle Event. Sponsorships like these really put these events and Outdoor Truths Ministries over the top.


Golf Experience March 24-27, 2022

Abilene, Texas

Outdoor Truths Ministries Men’s Conference and Golf Scramble

Our first annual Golf Circle Event was held in Abilene Texas. After a few cancelations, eight guys showed up to play golf and cornhole and to hang out with other men. It was so much fun (other than my golf game, which was horrendous). And it was so good to meet some new friends. We played two courses that were total opposites. One was not so good, and the other was tremendous. The weather on each day started out cold but soon touched the 70’s and 80’s. The teams were evenly matched with each team winning on different days. After our morning golf, we gathered back for lunch, a nap, and a lesson. During the lessons, I wanted to remind the guys that pleasing God is not about performance and how the responsibility for our growth is in the hands of the Holy Spirit and our job is to simply yield. I especially enjoyed the conversation after the lessons. These moments are why we call our events, Circle Events. After the lessons, it was time for the cornhole tournament which is about as fun as the golf. Guys just love competition.
Jimmy Ray was the host for this event. If you know Jimmy, you love him. He did a great job of not only hosting and cooking, but also by just taking this great step of faith to start this new event. He’s already planning next year’s outing. I appreciate Randy for jumping in to wash dishes and help clean, and he can kill a golf ball. John also helped cook, and Joe Basham, who didn’t even stay, drove over 2 hours just to bring groceries. And of course, everyone jumped in to help with whatever was needed. Robert was a lot like me when it came to competition. He likes to win, and I’m trying to get him to talk a little more trash. I appreciated Scott and I sharing spiritual stuff, and to see his heart. And Joel and Kenny were just solid guys, golfers, and really good cornhole players. We all laughed, had friendly competitions, ate really well, and found a way to grow our faith in the middle of this perfect atmosphere. I hope each one will come back. They blessed me.
If you want to be one of twelve at our next event, watch for upcoming dates. Our turkey hunt on April 8 – 10 is full, but we are working on two more events for this year. Look for more information on the upcoming Trout Fishing Event and Cornhole Tournament Event coming soon.  I hope to see you at the next Circle Event.


Scott Willams

Winner of the Golf Club

Men’s Outing February 18-20, 2022

North Texas Hog Hunt at the Davis Ranch


One of My Favorites!

                This Outdoor Truths Circle Event/Pig Hunt was one of my favorites. It was a great mixture of some veteran attenders and some new guys. And this is how I like it. I love starting relationships with new guys and continuing them with others who have joined us before. There was so much interaction and conversation that I wished we would have had one more day. I am so humbled to think men will come from great distances to be a part of these unique experiences. Jimmy (previous attender) brings Brandon and Blake, and they fly from Michigan to join us. Joe (team member) and Jimmy (previous attender) bring Steve, and they drive four hours to attend. And Kirk (previous attender) thinks enough of our events, to invite his own son Tyler, who also drives four hours to be there. Add in Geoff (team member), Darrell (previous attender), and John (team member and host), and the weekend couldn’t have gone any better! …..

Well, it actually could have gone a little better…. The hogs were not very cooperative. They never showed up when we were in the woods. NEVER! That sure was something we never imagined happening. But it did and that’s why it’s called hunting and not killing. We did, however, have one stray boar that got caught in a trap that Jimmy got to put down. It made for a great opportunity for some of the guys to witness these ornery critters up close and personal. But the great thing about it was regardless of some unsuccessful hunts, everyone wanted to come back. I think that says something about how much we enjoyed being around each other… and the food. LOL.

Between the hunts on Saturday, I got to encourage the guys with some spiritual truths. I love doing that. I think we all need encouragement. And that’s my favorite thing to do. One of the topics I talked about was how men need definitions and one definition we need is for Worship. Or “How can I KNOW if I’ve worshipped God?” And the second lesson was on Peace. How can we have peace, not just when conflict is absent, but actually in the middle of it? These “Circles” are what makes these events special.

If you want to know more about these Circle Events and how you can be a part, click the link below. And if you or your company would like to host or sponsor an event or new attender email or call me. I would love to get you involved.

Last of all, a special thank you to the first-time attenders, Steve, Brandon, Blake, and Tyler. Your presence, participation, and conversation made us a more complete group of guys. Our faith has been expanded because of you.

See you at the next Circle Event


2022 Raffle Winner

Men’s Outing in August 5 – 8, 2021

Eleven of us showed up in Arkansas at Gene’s Trout Resort. We came from Missouri, Kentucky, Texas, Tennessee, and Mississippi. We came to fish the Norfork and White Rivers. For me, it was an outdoor experience like nothing I had ever faced. The air temps hovered around 90 while the water temp held its ground at a frigid 55.  It was an odd couple. The fishing, however, was good. People come from all over to catch trout from these waters, and I can imagine very few leaving disappointed. I sure didn’t. And I’m glad we had Don, Kendall, John, and Gaylon to help us newbies navigate this swift and cold river.  What time we weren’t fishing, we were eating, playing cornhole, and laughing at each other. (We also talked a lot of trash during the cornhole tournaments.) As bad as I hate to admit it, my team did not win when it counted. (I’m still upset over that) John and Jerry were the winners. (cheaters! Lol)

We also made this a little different when it came to our study time. Unlike any other conference, we wanted to focus on apologetics, and our theme was “The Problem of Evil.” It is, without a doubt, the most difficult topic for all of us deal with. I tried to share some things to remember about this most problematic subject. I think we all learned some truths to help us down the road.

I think Jerry, Jeff, and Kendall caught the most fish. John, Joe, and Jimmy were our camp cooks. Cody and I got into some deep theological conversations, and Don was our one expert that gave us a sense of comfort because he had been coming to Gene’s for nearly 25. And then not only did Gaylon help guide, he also made and donated a custom fishing rod that we raffled off. Jeff Bowling was the winner. Geoff Lawrence is our media guy. He not only fished, but found time to take pictures, gather up everyone else’s pictures and post them here for your viewing pleasure.

Last of all, because of this event, we are now planning two more men’s conferences in Texas and in Mississippi for early 2022. One will be a golf event and the other will be a goose hunting event. As always, there will be room for only about 15 people, so get your name in the hat soon. I appreciate Don, Kendall, and Jimmy for taking the lead in these. Like always, we will have a blast.

Here’s a list of our attenders and some great pics. Enjoy

Don Davis, Kendal Adair, John Davis, Gaylon Johnson, Joe Basham, Geoff Lawrence, Cody Pope, Jeff Bowling, Jerry Shoffner, Jimmy Ray


April 2021 Turkey Hunt Davis Ranch

Another Great Event at the Davis Ranch

Last week, I headed back to Jacksboro Texas for another event. This time with a turkey hunt for those who came. After a couple of dropouts from scheduling and sickness, we finished with 9 strong. Four of them had never been. Darrell, Tracy, Ken, and Jimmy would experience what we do there twice each year. And I think we may have sealed the deal with Tracy and Jimmy. Both bagged a turkey (their first), and Tracy won the shotgun! (We told him; he probably needs to buy a lottery ticket on his way home)

Besides the great hunting, we had fantastic conversations, learned some things about God and his daily presence and how our faith and man’s outlook affect us and others we are impressionable to.  God is good!! As always, we ate like kings from breakfast to late in the evening. These meals are always topped off by our standard fajita night and Joe’s cobbler that he makes in his Dutch oven.​

Below are some pictures, but even though they don’t tell the stories, I hope you can see the joy these guys bring to me and to Outdoor Truths.

Look for Ken’s bacon-cooking skills, and what’s not seen were his words of wisdom.

Check out Jimmy’s proud display of this turkey, after flying all the way from Detroit to be with us.

And then there’s Jason who can do anything, has become regular attender, and is all about jumping in and helping as is Joe, who’s wisdom and heart is as big as the sky, of course his cobbler alone is why we welcome him.

I appreciate Darrell for forgoing his own opportunity to hunt to be a guide.

And of course, our host John, who among other gifts, has the gift of hospitality. Check out the pic of the gift of appreciation we presented him with.

January 2021 Hunt Davis Ranch

For the past several years, I’ve been taking Outdoor Truths to the Davis Ranch in Jacksboro, Texas. We now do it twice each year. One weekend is about the hogs and the other is about the turkeys. Both however, are about eating, fellowship, and growing our faith. 


It’s also about a lot of fun, and one guy always leaves winning a gun. These events are designed for no more than 12 men. We have found this is our perfect number. Back in January, I got to hang out with some of my favorite people once again, and it proved to be another unforgettable weekend.

Check out the pictures below, and if you would like more information about attending one of these outings, or hosting one, shoot me an email. They have quickly become my favorite way to engage with men about faith and the outdoors.

January 2021 Midland Event at Lake Ivy

Way to go Midland!

Back in January, several guys from Stonegate Church Midland Texas left for Lake Ivy to spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, hanging out, eating, and talking about Life’s Greatest Adventure. Living by Faith. We stayed at a beautiful lake house with a view to die for. During the day, some fished, some played cornhole, and the rest just, well, rested and shared stories. I appreciate Kyle Rodgers, Men’s Groups Leader, at Stonegate for inviting Outdoor Truths to share with his great men. I met new people and made some new friends. Check out the pictures of the facilities and some of the guys who were there.