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My Orange Vest

This time of year, orange fills the woods. It confirms gun season has come. I’ve sat in many places, thinking I was the only one around, only to scan the horizon with my binoculars to discover an orange vest in a tree closer than I wanted. I can remember one time...

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Can’t See It All

It never fails that each deer hunting season I get a slight strain in my upper back and a vertebra that tries to dislocate. Most of the time, these return to normal after a few days back to my normal activities, along with a mini massage. I’m fairly strong in my neck,...

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My Leaky Blind

My ground blind leaks. Yours does too. Yeah, I know you have the top-of-the-line, largest, most cushy, made-of-the-best-waterproof-material-blind money can buy. I’m sure it’s nice. But it leaks. It may not leak as much as mine. It may not leak in the same places as...

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Our Next Event

Our Newest Circle Event  – Hog Hunt Circle Event

Hog Hunt Circle Event
January 19-21, 2024


Sponsored by Our sponsors for this event are friends of the ministry, Ken & Lori Watson

We’re going back to the Davis Ranch for our annual Hog Hunt Circle Event! Well, of course we are. This is where it all started. This is where Circle Events became Circle Events. This is where John Davis (host) and I first met, became friends, and then partners in ministry. And it’s been a thing ever since. This one will fill up fast. This year we have moved it to January 19-21. It’s the perfect time of year to get out of the house, kill some hogs, eat some great food, and grow our faith. The cost is only $275.00 and that includes food, lodging, the hunt, and a ticket for the possibility to win a $500.00 Bass Pro Gift Card. Check out the pics below. BUT FIRST, SEND IN YOUR MONEY TO SECURE YOUR SPOT. I am sending this even before we have secured our sponsors. So, if you or your company would like to be an event or prize sponsor, let me know.

(Wives. You want your husband to go to this. I promise. Pay his way NOW.)

If you want to know more about these Circle Events and how you can be a part, CLICK HERE . And if you or your company would like to host or sponsor an event or new attender email or call me. I would love to get you involved.

See you at the next Circle Event


This event is full!

HOG Attendees:
1.  Gary Miller
2.  John Davis (Host)
3.  Geoff Lawrence
4.  Joe Bashum
5.  Jimmy Ray
6.  Steve James
7.  Jim Urban
8.  Ken Watson
9.  Jason Mears
10. Casey McGinnis
11. Kenny Davis
12. Aaron   Herrera



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“We were searching for someone who would be more than a speaker.  We wanted someone who would connect with our event and effectively present the Gospel.  We found that in Gary Miller.  The first year with Gary, out attendance grew to 600 and over 20 people committed their life to Christ.  The next year, attendance reached 800 and 56 decisions were made!  God has uniquely gifted Gary for this ministry and his personality, heart for Christ, and genuine interest in outdoorsmen provide the necessary tools. Gary not only became our speaker, he became our friend as well and I would strongly recommend Gary and his books to all those who are interested in reaching people for Christ.”

Mark McArthur

Pastor, Goss Baptist Church

“Gary Miller recently spoke at our first annual “Wild Game Dinner” event which was a great success. Gary assisted our staff and lay people in coordinating this event and we sincerely appreciate his servant’s heart. Our attendance exceeded three hundred and the highlight of the evening was when ten men gave their lives to Jesus Christ! No one could have related better to these outdoorsmen than Gary Miller. I recommend him without reservation. I trust you will use him soon and often.”

Phil Hoskins ThD

Senior Pastor, Higher Ground Baptist Church

“The success of our event was largely due to the planning strategies presented to us by Gary Miller. Gary met with our planning team on several occasions and shared with us many great ideas that made this event run smoothly from the time the people entered the parking lot to the final drawing of the ATV! Our greatest success of the whole event was that there were 26 decisions for Christ!! With Gary’s leadership and wealth of information and expertise, we feel the Turkeyfest went over the top!”

Pastor Shawn Baker

Faith Temple Church

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