About Outdoor Truths Circle Events.

We started these events several years ago, but didn’t have a name for it, and it certainly wasn’t to the scale it is now.  What we found was men love being in the outdoors and love fellowshipping with other men.  We come from all walks of life and all levels of spiritual maturity but find camaraderie in sitting in a hunting blind together, fishing from the same boat, having a friendly (or not so friendly) competition at a cornhole tournament, or just sitting and visiting around a campfire or grill.  As these events grew, they started taking a life of their own. We found they were so effective in helping us grow as believers, we needed to duplicate them as much as possible and in as many places as possible. Thus, Circle Events were started.

What is a circle event?

It’s an event where there are only 12 men because much of our interaction is around a dinner table, a cornhole board, in a hunting blind, on a golf course, or in a boat. These events either start on a Thursday or Friday, and they end on Sunday morning. These are the foundation characteristics of circle events. Twelve men and no more than 3 nights.

Why do you call them circle events?

Because we believe the greatest spiritual growth happens in circles and not in rows.

Who are circle events designed for?

These events are designed for the new, old, or nominal believer. Each of Gary’s lessons are designed to encourage men and/or answer some of the tough questions we all have about God, faith, and the doubts that come with it. This means these events are even safe for the man who may even be unsure about the very existence of God. These are very safe groups.

What do we do in circle events besides have a few faith lessons?

Each event is designed around hunting, fishing, golf, or anything else we can come up with. So, most of the time is spent in these activities. And we eat. Boy, do we eat! At a circle event, food is not secondary. It’s primary. We give thought to what we’re going to eat. Because we believe food and its preparation is a great place to have conversations. Oh, and btw, each attender has a chance to win a gun, fishing rod, or golf club by just simply attending.

How do circle events start?

Each event has a host. This individual is responsible for organizing the activities, food, and lodging. He will line up some of the attenders to help with things like cooking, clean-up, and anything else needed. Each host will design their event a little different while keeping the foundational characteristics of circle events. Just so you know, some hosts include adult beverages.

Who can come to a circle event?

Any man over 21 can come. If this your first time to an already established event like this, you can come at no charge! The men who have attended before pay for attending according to the event. Usually between $350.00 and $550.00. This fee pays for lodging, food, and other items like golf rounds and boat rentals. The cost for first timers is covered either by a friend or by a sponsor. The cost for everyone does not cover travel and any license fees.

What we will never ask you to do.

If this is your first time to circle event, we know you’re a little nervous and have some uncertainty about it all. But here’s our promise to you.

We will never…

Ask you to pray.
Ask you to read.
Ask you to make some public spiritual decision.
Ask you publicly about your own personal spiritual relationship.

And we will never allow these events to turn into political rallies.

What can you do?

There are three ways you can be involved in the Outdoor Truths Circle Events.

  1. You can attend. Whether you are a first-timer or event veteran, you can keep coming to these events because not only can they be encouraging for you, you can be an encourager to another guy.
  2. You can personally bring someone and be their sponsor. This might be a good time to invite a friend and introduce them to our circles and to this unique way we’re growing our faith.
  3. You can be a cooperate sponsor. You or your company can commit to sponsor a certain dollar amount each year to be used solely for the cost of a first- timer.


So, are you in! Are you ready to attend? Are you ready to host? Contact us and let’s get this thing started.


Circle Event Team

Gary Miller – Ph. 423-526-8439  Email: gary@outdoortruths.org
John Davis – Ph. 972-743-4223 Email: johndavis@johnhunterhomes.com
Geoff Lawrence – Ph. 214-663-1104 Email: geoff.lawrence@mbstoday.com
Joe Basham – Ph. 432-889-6656 Email:

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