I always try to notice the oak trees around my hunting areas. This always tell me if the deer will hang around more in the woods or if they’ll be coming to my fields. I will usually find the signs in May or June, and then watch for falling acorns in September, and sometimes earlier. This year was no different. And sure enough, those little deer snacks starting blossoming right on time. Then we experienced a drought for several weeks. It looked like August. My yard was turning brown, and I once went three weeks without having to mow. Again, this looked exactly like August. The acorns felt this lack as well. They started out perfectly, and then their growth were stunted. I determined there would be no acorns this year and went about planting my field. I imagined seeing lots of deer this year. And then something happened. It rained. Not a one-time-rain or a flashflood, but a steady rain every few days, through August. My August yard was now having to be mowed every five days. And it was a lush, month-of-May, green. It still is. And my acorns? Well, they began to grow. Today, they are still in the trees, but they are big and lush. Instead of falling in early September, it looks like they will hang on until October. But the fruit is there.

As I was thinking about that, I was reminded of how many of us live throughout our lives. We seemingly do everything right to have the fruit we desire. And then, when it finally comes our time to produce, we are stunted. We see the fruit, and others can see the fruit, but it just seems like it’s just not growing anymore and going anywhere. Then the normal harvest period comes and goes, until we get to the place, we believe our season has passed. What the Oak tree tells me is God does not always go by what’s normal and consistent. He is not limited to our time frames and seasons. And he can bring out the fruit in our lives whenever He chooses. So, if you’re thinking that maybe you have missed your season and that it’s too late for God to make you fruitful, this message is for you. Just keep doing what you’re doing. You may have missed the Spring showers, but maybe God is saving you for those who will need your fruit at a different time as well. Your rain is coming. Your August is going to look like May.    

Gary Miller

Gary has written the Outdoor Truths article for 20 years.
He has also written four books which include compilations
of his articles and a father/son devotional. He also speaks
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