I often taken a book to the tree stand with me. I mostly do it during the evening hunts because the deer tend to be slower moving until just before dark. I’ve read many good books using this approach. On occasion, I have been so intent on the subject matter that I have gotten lost in the moment, only to wake up and realize that I need to be scanning the horizon for deer. There have also been times I have been entrenched in my book and, all of a sudden, I realize there are deer right under my stand. It’s those times no matter how good that book may be, it now plays second fiddle to this welcomed interruption.

           Let me ask you, how are you at interruptions? Are they annoying and bothersome, or are you expecting them and even sensitive to what my lie in each one? You see, the great things in your life will come as an interruption to your normal activity. God works that way. He wants to catch you off guard in order to test your reaction. You see, the true test of our character is not how we act, but how we react. He also uses these holy interruptions to insert his plans in your life. Again, many times we get so busy we leave no time for God’s plans for each day. So, he has to throw some interruption into our life in order for us to realize that life is not about getting and gaining, but about giving, loving and serving. During these next few days, your life will be filled with interruptions. It may be from a phone call, a visit, or even an event. These same interruptions may not be from a recognizable source. They may be from a salesman, someone in need, or even a telemarketer. Your job will be to determine if these are holy interruptions. Has God authored this? Is he checking my reaction? Does he want me involved in something? You see, if we are expecting interruptions from him, they will be welcomed, and we will treat those who are doing his bidding with a different attitude – maybe even with a little kindness. The writer of Hebrews warns us, “Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!” My friends, if you make time for interruptions, they will become a builder for your life and not bother. 

Gary Miller

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