It never fails that each deer hunting season I get a slight strain in my upper back and a vertebra that tries to dislocate. Most of the time, these return to normal after a few days back to my normal activities, along with a mini massage. I’m fairly strong in my neck, shoulders, and back, so it’s not something from just being terribly out of shape. It comes from an activity that I don’t do during the rest of the year. And that activity happens because of some of the places where my tree stand is located. Let me explain. We deer hunters are always hanging stands or already have stands located in specific places. These stands are placed according to the direction we think the deer are most likely to come from. Normally, we want to see the deer just in front of us or coming from a direction that is the most comfortable according to whether we are right-handed or left-handed. But this is not always the case. Sometimes we’re in a location where that buck can come from any direction. As a result, we are constantly turning our heads, looking side to side, and behind us, to see if something is approaching. And as a result of this day after day movement, my back and neck get contorted and sometimes strained. What I’ve learned is, I can never see it all. That no matter how hard I look, or how hard I strain, or how strategic I place my stand, I just can’t see it all. There is always a blind spot and there is always a chance that while I’m looking in one direction, the deer are going to pop up in another. It’s just the way it is. That’s why hunting in a blind with someone else is so helpful. Four eyes are better than two. Having someone who sees things before you do is always a game-changer when it comes to being ready.

As I thought about this, I was reminded of the times I deliberately and intentionally worship God. Most of us really don’t know what worship is. We have associated it with only emotionalism and even location. But worship is very simple. It has to be for us all to be able to do it. And it has to be because God wants us to do it and would have never made something so important, so vague. So, what is worship? It is simply recognizing who God is, in comparison to who I am. (That’s why the most common posture in the Bible for those who worshiped, was kneeling. It shows a subservient position).  Here is how I do it when I decide to worship God. I say “Today God, I recognize who you are in comparison to who I am. You can do things I can’t do. You know things I don’t know. You SEE THINGS I CAN’T SEE. You are the Creator and I am your most loved and prized creation. You are God and I am not.” When I say that to God, I have just worshiped him and have brought him into my life as my perfect partner who makes us a perfect team. You can do that as well. And I hope you will today. Because what you need to know, do, and see today, is more important than what’s going on in your blind. 

Gary Miller  

Gary Miller has written Outdoor Truths articles for over 21 years. He has also written five books which include compilations of his articles and a father/son devotional. He also speaks at wild-game dinners and men’s events for churches and associations.