Right now, I’m craving a quiet float down the river. It’s not the fishing that I’m drawn to. It’s the simplicity of a kayak, the solitude of the surroundings, and the song of the river. An added draw this time of year is that at any moment I can decide to pull the boat to the bank, wade to a spot, and fish for an extended period. Then maybe jump in and take a swim. The lakes are full of fishermen and recreation boaters. The river is full of life of another kind. So full that it infuses it into those who float against its breeze. The early mornings are my favorite. The fog that lifts from its waters is nothing less than God slowly unveiling His latest unique masterpiece. To expose it too quickly would overwhelm us and cause us to miss the beauty of each distinctive curve and line. The water that passes will never be here again. Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed times of competition on the lake. There’s nothing I know of that encapsulates everything a man loves more than a fishing tournament. There’s the outdoors, the fishing, the competition, and the prize for success. It really is a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Competition, however, is a word that is left in the truck at the river ramp. Words like rewind and reflect are river words. Even repentance is welcome on the river. Because it’s there one changes his mind about lots of things. I’ve just noticed this whole article is sounding probably a little too abstract and philosophical. More evidence I just need to gather my gear, head to the river, and go fishing. And while I’ll enjoy all the introspection when I get there, I’ll be a little disappointed if I don’t catch any fish. See you soon.

Gary Miller

Gary Miller has written Outdoor Truths articles for over 21 years. He has also
written five books which include compilations of his articles and a father/son
devotional. He also speaks at wild-game dinners and men’s events for
churches and associations.