Most hunters agree, when hunting unfamiliar territory, a guide is priceless. They would also admit the odds for success are much greater under this experienced individual.  Your outdoor event can also bring great success.

No other tool is winning more adult men to Christ in America than an effectively designed wild-game-dinner type event. If these events are strategically planned for evangelism, they can bring more men to Christ in one night, than a church may do in one year!  Don’t let your event be just another church social. Plan strategically for evangelism and your event will be successful year after year.

Let Gary be your Guide! 

I would like to recommend to Gary Miller and His ministry Outdoor Truths to anyone or any organization desiring to have a Christ centered sportsman’s event. Gary has been invaluable to me as a Director of Mission and our Association for the past two years we have sponsored a Sportsman’s Expo.  As a consultant for these types of events, Gary came, met with our committee and gave us the direction we needed to make the event a great success.  During the event he brought tremendous, Biblical messages that were geared to hunters and fishermen.  The first year we had 17 saved and great attendance.  This past year we had 70 saved.  We praise God for those results, and we thank Gary for being the tool God used to help us.  I highly recommend him as consultant and preacher for any and all sportsmen’s events.

Dr. Steve Sells