I’ve been looking at pictures of deer for an upcoming hunting trip. The landowner has set up a camera that sends the pictures in real time through cell service. It’s another way one can check trail cameras without going into the woods and leaving human scent that might disrupt the deer activity. Each day, I log into the app on my phone to get an update on what’s going on near my tree stand. Not only can I see the time of day the deer are moving, but I can also get other information that will help me make better decisions for the hunt. For instance, I noticed how some deer were coming from a place near where I normally park my ATV. There’s no doubt if it would have been parked there during those times, the deer would have taken a different direction. Needless to say, this added information will cause me to make a change.

           Change is good. We all change. To deny this is to refuse to see the obvious. As information grows, we change as well. Some of us go all in and some of us just do what is necessary. For example, many of you have already learned how to do self-checkout at the grocery store. You did it because, most of the time the lines are short, and you can’t fuss at the clerk. Some of you older folks finally succumbed to social media. You found you could find old classmates and friends through this technology. This change came as you learned new information. Because people change as we gain new information, I rarely look very far into one’s past to determine who they are now. I know my past, and many of my beliefs of the past, have vastly changed. Information grew. I applied myself to learn some of it.  And as a result, some of the views I once held, I no longer do. Therefore, I want others to judge me closer to my present than from my past. I want to do them the same way. I think this is God’s way as well. He is the master at making our past a path and not a destination. He is quick to forgive. In fact, he couldn’t be any quicker. He forgave our sins BEFORE we even committed them. He looks at us in real-time and keeps giving us new information only as we can handle it. Our only job is to take this knowledge and allow him to make the necessary adjustments so we can have a more successful life. Keep learning. Keep changing. It’s what God wants. 

Gary Miller