What's A Good Guide
Really Worth?
Most hunters agree, that when hunting unfamiliar territory, a guide is priceless. They would
also admit that the odds for success are much greater under this experienced individual. 
Your outdoor event can also
bring great success. 

No other tool is winning more adult men to Christ in America, than an effectively designed outdoor event. If these events are strategically planned for evangelism, they can bring more men to Christ in one night, than that same church may experience, in one year!


However, many of the events are planned by sincere individuals, but in a way that is not conducive to evangelism. As a result, they become nothing more than another church social. And Satan would like nothing better than for your evangelistic event to become another church social!


It's not about the speaker.
If your event is successful, you will want to do it each year. So the effectiveness of these events is crucial, years after a particular speaker has spoken to your men.


It's not worth getting it wrong. Once your event has a reputation of being just for "church people," it's almost impossible to change.

Let Outdoor Truths be your Guide!

A member of our team will work with your leaders, months in advance, in helping to plan an evangelistic hunting or fishing event. He will bring his experience and knowledge of these events to your people, and guide them through the process along the way. Are you in unfamiliar territory? Let us guide you through the process.


Contact us and we'll discuss the process it takes to help you make this a reality in your church.

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