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Aiming Outdoorsmen Toward Christ: The Foundation of Outdoor Truths.
Several years ago, I started OT out of my passion to see men like me ... men who love the outdoors ... come into a life changing relationship with Christ. My aim was simply to write a weekly column for local news publications. And trust me, that would have been enough for me. God's aim was bigger than mine.
What started out as a weekly article led to what is now a syndicated article found in magazines, journals, and newspapers in 18 states across the nation. OT now serves God's greater cause to reach outdoorsmen through speaking engagements, leadership consulting, videos, Bible studies, and books. Yet it all hinges on revealing God's truths to the outdoorsman. 
The OT website is the place to go for . . .

°   Media requests for the article, Outdoor Truths, to appear in your publication

°   Securing Gary Miller to speak at your event
°   Consulting and coaching help in your hunting/fishing event planning

°   Buying resources for outdoor ministry


No matter what it is or how we do it, Outdoor Truths will always be about building on the foundation of aiming outdoorsmen toward Christ. 
Your brother in the hunt ...
Gary Miller

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