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Monday, May 13, 2019
Growing Stronger


         You never know how the weather will be around here. It changes often. During turkey season we can go from morning temperatures in the 20's to the 50's. And because of the spring storms, the winds can be an irresistible force. Even though I try to hunt when the wind is blowing; it is almost futile, especially when it comes to turkey hunting. There's an old Irish blessing that reads, "May the roads rise to meet you, and may the wind be at your back." Now I've been in enough small airplanes and cycled enough miles to know the difference between a headwind and a tailwind. When the wind is at your back the trip is much quicker, less exhausting, and just overall easier. But anyone who hunts knows if the wind is at your back, you'll probably have a very little chance of success because the game will smell you. That's why hunters want to always hunt against the wind. I must admit that I've not let the wind keep me out of the turkey woods. It's been difficult, but there's no doubt I have become a better hunter because I hunted in less than favorable circumstances. Instead of the status quo, I was challenged, and pushed, and made to think. I don't like these circumstances and I wish that things would get back to normal, but I don't become better when things are easier.

       In this same way, we learn most of the lessons God has for us. It's not with the wind at our back, do we become better. But it's when the wind is against us. It may be harder, but I'm not sure God's is always interested in our comfort, but I know he is in our change. His desire is to make us stronger so that we can face the difficulties of life. And his desire is to make us better at who we are and what we do. Those things don't only happen when things are easier; they happen when we are faced with new challenges and when it seems the circumstances are too great for any success. Now I'll admit I still enjoy those easy and quick hunts. In fact, I've never hoped or prayed for a difficult one. I never will. I will also never pray for a more difficult life. But when things are tough, I don't have to think everything is wasted. I can know, when God has me facing the wind, he is building my spiritual muscles to handle what he knows is up ahead.

Gary Miller


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