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Making Impressions

Monday, August 03, 2009
What God sees



                I just had a friend tell me that the fish have left the lake for the rest of the summer. Evidently they have opted for a cooler climate somewhere else. I wouldn't know about the condition of fishing because I've not been to the lake in about five or six weeks.

                I know some of you think that I go hunting or fishing all the time, but that's far from the truth. I'm just like everyone else; I go when my wife lets me, or when she's not looking. And I always have to remember that hunting and fishing tomorrow is sometimes dependant upon getting some things done at home, today.      

                The weeds are killing me. It seems no matter what I do to get my yard low-maintenance, I still get overcome by those pesky plants. I have always figured that yard time is directly deducted from hunting and fishing time. I've also figured out that I can either make my neighbors happy with a kempt yard, or I can make myself happy with another morning in a boat. It's evident which one I pick more often.

                It does seem like we are all overly interested in what other people think about us, or how we look to other people. Years ago, I put up a wooden privacy fence. I noticed after I had erected it, that I had put the pretty side facing the road. Now, I get to sit in my own backyard and look at the rough side. Why did I do that? Because that's the way everybody else put theirs up. But why did they put theirs up that way? Because we all wanted to look good for the neighbors and the people passing by.

                Have you ever thought about how uncomfortable we are willing to make ourselves just so we can leave a certain impression? Some people are willing to walk around all day in a pair of shoes that are too little, just because they match the pants or dress they are wearing. Some people go through all sorts of pain in order to seem perfect on the outside. Again, it's all about what others think about us.

                There's nothing wrong with wanting to be our best and portray our best, but we all must remember that one day the only one that we will give an account of ourselves to, is God. Comparisons and impressions will have no effect on God. While others might talk about all of our contributions on this side of the tomb, God will be on the other side - in the backyard - looking at the side no one else sees.



Gary Miller

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